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about me

I am a portrait photographer, street artist and creative activist. 

My name is Raphael Rapior, I am born in 1987 and grew up in a small village in the southern German countryside. My younger brother, who has a mental disability, and I were very close growing up. In order to communicate with him I had to learn to read his facial expressions, this led to my piqued interest in people’s faces and the stories they tell. 


Around the age of ten I got my first camera and fell in love with photography. Over the years I taught myself to read light and work with different camera systems. It is my passion for people, traveling and the desire to learn form different cultures, that drives my work as a photographer. 


By displaying my portraits in large format on the streets of the world, I seek to create emotional mirrors between people, to open a dialogue about our identity and build bridges between cultures. We might look so different but we all smile, we cry; we have anger and feel love. It is on each one of us, to share love and respect in order to create a better world. 

We are one

about me
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In 2015 after displaying my photographs for the first time on the streets at Union Square Park and in front of the Metropolitan Museum in New York, I founded Keiyo. 

The name Keiyo derives from the Japanese language and translates to ‘the joy of giving’. I named this organisation Keiyo because I believe that the beginning of spiritual growth and wealth lies in a selfless act of kindness: to give without the expectation of return. 


Keiyo is a platform for engaged artists and philanthropists who seek to create social and environmental change. Together we are bringing art to public places around the world and give 100% from all art sale proceeds to organisations that work for a better future of the planet. Together we are sending artworks to work!


Please visit Keiyo's website to learn more.


"Everyone has a story of value"

- Raphael Rapior

get in touch

If you are interested in bookings,

buying prints or a collaboration with Keiyo, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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